Ahu Sieg

Welcome to my website.

My husband and I are the founders of Renkara Media Group. We build AccelaStudy, an accelerated learning platform with millions of users.

My twin sister and I moved to the United States as Rotary Exchange Students in 1992. After graduating from Danville High School in Illinois, I attended Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois. I graduated from college with a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration.

I moved to Chicago in 1997 and started my first consulting job at McDonald’s Corporation in Oakbrook, Illinois. While continuing to work full-time, I attended Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois and earned my Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems.

I have always been fascinated with Artificial Intelligence. I decided to pursue my Ph.D. in Computer Science at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

Charles proposed to me on top of the Eiffel Tower in January 2001. We got married on top of the Sears Tower in Chicago on March 23rd, 2002 and went on an epic honeymoon.

Our son Karl was born in November, 2008. Our son Connor was born in April, 2010.

Charles and I and the boys used to live in Inverness, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We moved to Texas in August 2014 and now live in a small town called Westlake. We moved to Westlake so our sons could attend Westlake Academy, an International Baccalaureate charter school that frequently ranks in the top 50 schools in the United States.

I have been practicing Yoga for eight years now. Besides the benefits of a good workout, I love Yoga as a way to maintain a healthy balance for my mind and body.

I love traveling and hope to do more of it when the boys are a little bit older. I do keep a running list of places I have seen. I also keep a list of unique experiences in my life.